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Guidelines, Terms & Conditions

Hall Hire Charges 2015


Booking Times

 The rooms will only be open at the times booked. It is important to allow for setting up and clearing up when working out how much time you require. If the booking overruns by more than 15 minutes, an extra half hour will be charged.
Damage & Breakages 
All damage and breakages must be reported to the Hall Booking Secretary. Charges for any damage or breakages (including any handling costs) will be invoiced.
Loss, Injury and Safeguarding.

 No person connected with the Church can be held responsible for any loss or injury to persons using the building.

Please ensure that

1) children and adults who may be vulnerable are protected at all times by taking all reasonable steps to prevent injury, illness or damage  occuring. 

2)  you have full liability insurance for your activity / function.

 If alcohol is to be sold at a function, then documentary evidence of a Justices Licence must be given to the Hall Booking Secretary not less than 24 hours before the event. Written notice of the person in charge will also be required.

The use of the kitchen for light refreshments is included in the booking fee.

The kitchen should be left clean and tidy, and any equipment or crockery that has been used should be washed and returned to its place of storage. Please bring rubbish bags and remove all rubbish from the premises.

 Please respect our neighbours by keeping music to a reasonable level and by leaving the premises quietly at night
All fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
On Leaving
 The building should be left clean and tidy, and any furniture that has been used should be returned to its original position. Check that lights are turned off and all windows / doors (including fire exits) are closed and locked.
Termination of Hire
One month’s written notice is required. Please ensure keys are returned to the Hall Booking Secretary.




Regular groups (minimum once a month)

 Children’s groups                    £8.00 per hour            8.30 am – 10.00 pm
 Adults                                  £10.00 per hour            8.30 am – 10.30 pm


All groups (casual or regular)
  Parties / Meetings etc           £15.00 per hour             8.30 am –  6.30 pm
                                            £20.00 per hour             6.30pm -   10.30pm


Meeting Room                     £8.00 per hour              8.30 am – 10.30 pm


All of the above charges also apply to church members

No group numbering more than 100 persons will be permitted to hire the premises

The premises must be vacated by 11.00 pm
Please allow 30 minutes for clearing up. If clearing up cannot be achieved within this time, hirers may need to book and pay for a suitable hire period the following day.


A deposit of £15 / £20 (one hour) is required in advance for casual users. This will be refunded in 7 days following inspection of the premises.

Any damage or breakages (accidental or otherwise) will be charged in full irrespective of any deposit made.

Seven days notice is required for cancellation of a booking. If less notice is given, a cancellation fee for the full amount of time booked will be levied.

The committee will use its discretion in exceptional circumstances.


All enquiries to Catherine Keating (Hall Booking Secretary) – 01733 264169

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